I had no reason to be there.

The company I worked for gave me the ticket of someone who left the company, so I was lucky enough to go to SXSW that year. I made it a point to be in the front left hand corner of that room.

He strolled on to stage with a Shiner beer in hand and skipped the pleasantries. Then talked a little bit about tacos and Austin, and then was silent for a bit.

Then some Q&A as his crew described some of the social media and film work they did to produce the show. As casually as he arrived on stage he left the stage, taking his beer with him.

I know I have judged a lot of people in the past for their responses to people passing that they never really knew. I was wrong for that.

I felt like I knew him a little bit, but obviously there are things you can’t know about a person unless you move from fan to friend.

I liked him for a lot of reasons. As up and optimistic as I am, he was the polar opposite. Dark, unfiltered, raw, and real. A real human, if you listened or followed you could hear the past for him… it was rough. He was outspoken and unapologetic for it, and I admired that about him.

He showed you places, how to avoid the tourist traps, and talked about a lot of topics beyond food.

“Hey hippie if you made better bread I’d eat at your restaurant”

Just love on people.

You don’t know what kind of shit they are going through. Or have been through. Tell them you love them and that you care about them. Don’t be stingy with your heart️ or miss a chance to save someone.

Help people through the tough times.



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