Last week I noticed how sentimental I’ve been the past few weeks. Thinking through things. What I do, where I have been. Why I do what I do.

12045 days.

I don’t care about my age.

What matters is who I meet along the way. The ones I travel to new places or spend the day with.

2011 — Austin
2012 — Las Vegas
2013 — New Orleans
2014 — Nashville
2015 — Londres
2016 — Cancun
2017 — Portland
2018 — Mexico City

My parents, Rich, Chloe, Drew, Chris, Emilia, Charlito, Don, Clara, Frieda, Leroy, and a few others.

7 is the magic number. If you know someone for seven years, you know them for life. That’s the rule.

It’s true, until it isn’t.

You have to be willing to lose some to have more.



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